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Explaining Complimentary colors(Day of the Arts)

March 31, 2010



March 31, 2010

More Montessori

March 31, 2010

Lecture / Workshop

March 31, 2010

Personal Piece (Library of Apps)

January 7, 2010

This piece is another digital illustration. The work was inspired by the number of apps and technology connceted to the Iphone. I hope to use more advertising ideas in my illustration. I have really been enjoying the new and different direction digital painting has taken me. It is liberating. The piece is titled Library of Apps


December 27, 2009

Another personal piece i did with a new model. I was working with cooler skin tones. This and a couple of other models have inspired me represent the most information with minmal information.

Finished Nike AD

December 27, 2009

I added the final touches to the illustration. I hopedo be doing many more digital Illustrations. It is such a liberating processusing dynamic imagery and the computer as a medium.

-Arthur Edwards